Private Lessons

Each lesson is unique to the goaltender. When a goalie begins private lesson training, the first lesson is designed to immediately understand the goalies’ strengths and weaknesses. This will allow for a progression plan to be developed to maximize the goaltenders’ potential.

Every lesson also includes real-time video analysis. In addition, each goaltender will receive the training session video to review on their own time as well. Private Lesson Training is offered as a 1-on-1 and 2-on-1 goalie to coach ratio for a 50 minute period.

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Team Training

We offer team goaltending training throughout the hockey season for all ages. We’ll work with the team coaching staff to determine a practice plan which allows the goaltender to focus on specific areas of his/her game. This essentially allows the goaltender to have a private lesson experience for a portion of the team practice.

We’ll collaborate with the team coaching staff and manager to schedule the appropriate number of team practices for the season.

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Mid-Season Clinics

Clinics are held during the regular season timeframe to allow goaltenders to have a “tune-up”. Clinics are structured to give a private lesson feel while being on the ice with other goaltenders and coaches. Groups are kept to a maximum 4-1 goalie-to-coach ratio based on age and skill set. Multiple skills are addressed to make sure goalies are continuing the season with little-to-no bad habits and reinforcing the core fundamentals of the position.

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Summer Training Program

The Summer Training Program is a multiple week program that takes place mid-summer to allow goaltenders to work on skills and get ready for the upcoming season. Training sessions during the summer program are typically twice per week for four straight weeks. This schedule allows for consistent training in order to break down bad habits, instill positive habits and strengthen the goaltenders core fundamentals. The goalie-to-coach ratio is no more than 2-to-1, allowing for specialized instruction for each and every goaltender that participates in the program.  This year the Summer Training Program will be held at John Lindell Ice Arena – Royal Oak, MI in July 2020.

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